NERO is an advanced Cybersecurity Ecosystem designed to address the distinct aspects of awareness, training, and education in cybersecurity. It comprises five interrelated frameworks and offers a bespoke Cybersecurity Awareness programme.


Challenges Addressed by NERO

Cyber Threats and Disruptions:

NERO tackles the increasing number and sophistication of cyber threats, addressing the potential harm to both individuals and organisations.

AI-Enabled Threats:

We address the rise of AI-enabled disinformation and threats such as malware, social engineering, data theft, and supply chain.

SME Vulnerability:

NERO recognises the vulnerability of SMEs to cybercrime, aiming to bridge the awareness gap by providing tailored cybersecurity solutions.

Importance of SMEs:

Considering SMEs as the backbone of the European economy, NERO acknowledges the challenges they face and aims to enhance their cybersecurity resilience.

NERO’s Objectives

Advanced Cybersecurity Ecosystem:

Design an advanced cybersecurity awareness ecosystem focused on SMEs, offering a Cyber Immunity Toolkit Repository, Cyber Resilience Programme, and cyber awareness training via gamification. Modules will be accessible through a user-friendly Marketplace.

Demonstrate Effectiveness:

Demonstrate the benefits of NERO through three use cases applying a two-phases iteration approach in healthcare, finance, and transportation sectors.

Knowledge Sharing:

Support experts' communication by sharing knowledge and advanced training materials using EU tools that follow security-by-design and privacy-by-design approaches.

ICT Solution Security Improvement:

Improve the security of ICT solutions through bug bounty programmes and crowdsource vulnerability discovery and disclosure practices.

Auditing Resilience Enhancement:

Enhance auditing resilience by offering crowdsource security research and testing services using application security scans, providing continuous audit-based certification in compliance with the CyberSecurity Act and considering the NIS Directive and Cyber Resilience Act.

Cybersecurity Awareness Boost:

Improve cybersecurity awareness through gamification-based training and advanced cyber ranges to enhance cyber hygiene.


NERO is an advanced Cybersecurity Ecosystem consisting of five interrelated frameworks provisioned to offer a Cybersecurity Awareness program, as recommended by ENISA11 to be the best way to educate and develop a security-first culture amongst employees on how to mitigate the impact of cyber threats and incorporate activities, resources, and training to foster a cyber security culture.



The Project

NERO Cybersecurity is led by trustilio and has a committed, competent and complementary consortium of 16 partners from 10 European countries.
The project consists of seven Work Packages (WPs): one for management, four for deploying NERO frameworks, one for demonstrations, and one for maximising impact. Each WP and its tasks are led by experienced project partners to ensure smooth implementation, best practices, and efficiency.

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