Strengthening Supply Chain Resilience through Cybersecurity Awareness in the Transportation and Logistics Industry


The increased use of technology in the transportation and logistics sector has inherently increased the risk of cyber threats in the industry.   This is alarming as the sector handles large amounts of sensitive data, such as personal, financial, and operational information that must be protected from cyber threats, as a security breach can seriously affect not only the industry, but also the public.  The sector’s dependence on technology, including transportation management systems, GPS tracking systems, and automated cargo handling systems, makes them extremely vulnerable to cyber-attacks, opening themselves up to possible operational disruptions, potentially causing long-term damage to the business.

Description & Implementation

ARCANA and CYBIT frameworks can be deployed from the NERO Ecosystem to assist SMEs in the transportation and logistics sector by providing services that protect sensitive information, improve operational efficiency, and instill trust in their customers.

An envisioned scenario for a transportation and logistics SME involves the implementation of NERO tools to detect and alert IT departments of potential risks.  NERO tools can use AI and machine learning to analyze network traffic and identify unusual activity.  Next, the organization would implement an access control system that only restricts access to critical systems and data authorized individuals.  At this point, the NERO monitoring tool would be utilized to continuously monitor their systems for any suspicious activity.  Finally, the organization implements an incident response plan that outlines the steps to be taken in a security breach, defining the roles and responsibilities of different departments and specific procedures to take.

Contribution of Project & Expected Impact

The deployment of NERO cybersecurity tools will be beneficial to SMEs in the transportation and logistics sector in a variety of ways.  SMEs can be reassured that sensitive data is protected from potential threats, while simultaneously establishing customer confidence in their business.  Implementing effective NERO measures means SMEs can guarantee the function of business operations.  Not only will these organizations have a reduced risk of cyber-attacks, protecting them from financial and reputational damage, but even in the event of a security breach, SMEs can be certain that the existing NERO measures will contain and mitigate the degree of harm.  Finally, by demonstrating a commitment to cybersecurity, SMEs can differentiate themselves from their competitors and improve their competitiveness in the marketplace.