30th ICE IEEE/ITMC Conference (ICE 2024)
Madeira Island, Portugal


30th ICE IEEE/ITMC Conference (ICE 2024)

24 June 2024 09:00 – 28 June 2024 18:00

The 30th ICE IEEE/ITMC Conference (ICE 2024) is part of the Madeira Digital Transformation Week and will be hosted by UNINOVA in Madeira Island, Portugal, between 24-28 June 2024.

It focuses on digital transformation in engineering, technology, and innovation. The conference addresses the socio-technical aspects of systems engineering, emphasizing the design of products and services and their adoption in society and the economy. It invites researchers, innovators, industrialists, and engineers to share insights, practices, projects, and case studies on topics such as sustainable business models, healthcare, energy solutions, social isolation, and crisis management.

ICE 2024 aims to shape the debate on global challenges, offering a platform for presenting original ideas, papers, initiatives, and projects. The conference includes paper sessions, plenary sessions, and exhibition booth stands, providing opportunities for networking and collaboration.

More information and registration are on the event website.

NERO Cybersecurity in ICE 2024's Special Session: EU Projects' Impact on European Innovation

NERO Cybersecurity project, alongside other flagship EU Innovation projects such as CyberSecPro, DYNAMO, EU-CIP, FAITH, THEMIS 5, CUSTODES, and more, cordially invites submissions for a Special Session at the 30th ICE IEEE/ITMC Conference. We welcome researchers, educators, and industry practitioners to contribute their expertise and insights on cutting-edge trends in cybersecurity. Join us in fostering collaboration and advancing knowledge in the field.

Find out more and submit your paper now at the ICE IEEE/ITMC Conference ( The submission deadline is May 1, 2024.

The session will showcase the role of EU projects in propelling Europe's technological leadership in a way that fosters a secure and sustainable future. This special session aims to explore how EU innovation projects act as catalysts for:

  • Fostering innovation in diverse sectors: We will investigate how EU projects support the development and implementation of novel solutions that leverage digital technologies, addressing challenges in sustainability, healthcare, security, and beyond.
  • Building capacity for a secure and sustainable future: This session will analyse how EU projects contribute to enhancing research and development capabilities within Europe, focusing on areas critical for a secure and sustainable future, such as cybersecurity, responsible AI development, and clean energy technologies.
  • Achieving a balance between innovation and security: We will explore how EU projects navigate the potential risks associated with emerging technologies while promoting advancement for a secure society.


Find out more and submit your paper here.


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