iLik_Online Pitching Workshop


Invest to Innovate: Exploring Tomorrow's Opportunities

23 May 2024 16:00–18:00

PRAXI Network, in collaboration with Innovation Greece and Enterprise Greece and with the support of Enterprise Europe Network Hellas, are organizing two events to highlight investment proposals, which will be presented to potential investors (pitching), in order to secure funding for the development of their proposals. The investment opportunities “Invest to Innovate: Exploring Tomorrow's Opportunities” will provide the space to present proposals both online on May 23, 2024 and live on June 20, 2024, offering a framework for startups and businesses from every industry to present their ideas and seek funding from investors.

Online Pitching Workshop | 23 May, 16:00 - 18:00 CEST

The webinar aims to provide stakeholders with essential tips to enhance their pitches and attract potential investors. Participants will benefit from unique training in pitching techniques and gain valuable insights from distinguished mentors and experts in business storytelling. This is a prime opportunity to refine your presentation skills and learn best practices from industry leaders.

Event of a Lifetime | June 20, 2024, Athens

The live event will be held on June 20 in Athens, at a venue to be announced. This event will provide an opportunity for startups, businesses and investors to meet to explore new collaboration opportunities. Attendees will have the opportunity to hear presentations from innovative businesses, participate in interactive workshops and network with industry professionals.

Whether you are a startup looking for funding or a business looking for new investment opportunities, our events give you the opportunity to explore and evaluate the possibilities on offer.

Find out more, visit the event page and see the full programme and registration.