NERO Questionnaire: Enhancing SME Cybersecurity Awareness

NERO Questionnaire: Enhancing SME Cybersecurity Awareness

The NERO Questionnaire has officially closed with 72 submitted responses!

The NERO questionnaire has been designed to assess SMEs' cybersecurity awareness, which serves as a vital tool in identifying knowledge gaps and crafting strategies to enhance digital safety. By understanding what SMEs know and don't know about cybersecurity, NERO aims to tailor its training program effectively, aligning its goals with the questionnaire's purpose of fostering a safer online environment for SMEs.

With insights from participants' familiarity with cybersecurity concepts, practices, and protocols, NERO can effectively tailor its awareness program to address specific knowledge gaps and organisational needs.

The results of this questionnaire will be invaluable, providing insights reported in the upcoming deliverable, "Cybersecurity Landscape and Threat Analysis, End-User Requirement Analysis, and Use Case Definition—Initial Version," scheduled for June.

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