Brief Introduction

eBOS is an innovative Cypriot-owned SME, founded in 2003, and headquartered in Nicosia, providing technologically advanced e-business solutions incorporating the latest cutting-edge digital technologies to enterprise customers worldwide.

With over twenty years of extensive experience, our Research & Development (R&D) division is focused on future-oriented research in multiple areas and pilots eBOS’ successful engagement in cutting-edge research projects funded by the European Commission and implemented in collaboration with large international research teams and industry leaders.

Research Expertise and Strengths

eBOS leverages a dual-faceted research approach, encompassing technical innovation and impactful outcomes. In the technical arena, eBOS stands out with its proficiency in developing advanced AI/ML algorithms tailored to diverse domains. The prowess extends to a robust software department, specialising in comprehensive front-end and back-end development, as well as excelling in system integration and interoperability.

The eBOS Cybersecurity department adds another layer of expertise, with a rich background in network security. This involves the strategic use of AI/ML algorithms, Blockchain technologies, and other cutting-edge solutions to fortify digital landscapes.

Additionally, the eBOS IoT and 5G/6G department exhibit a depth of knowledge in hardware system design and development. Their capabilities extend to integrated IoT/5G testbeds and providing bespoke customisation for smart IoT sensor nodes.

eBOS's commitment to impact maximisation shines through its pivotal roles in the Dissemination, Communication, and Exploitation facets of numerous EU projects. Beyond technical innovation, eBOS demonstrates mastery in Quality Assurance, Risk assessment and management, GDPR compliance, ethical considerations, and meticulous data management.

In essence, eBOS emerges as a dynamic force, seamlessly integrating technical excellence with a steadfast dedication to realising impactful outcomes across various dimensions of research and development. 

Role in NERO

As a central figure in the NERO project, eBOS assumes a pivotal role as the Technical Manager, overseeing critical aspects of project management. This involves not only crafting the technical planning and executing the project but also providing diligent oversight.

In addition to steering the technical management, eBOS takes the lead in shaping NERO’s ecosystem design, including the project architecture. A significant emphasis is placed on interconnecting all NERO components, ensuring seamless interoperability from the project’s inception.

Finally, eBOS leads the integration, demonstration, and evaluation phases of NERO’s use cases. A vital objective is to showcase NERO’s technologies and extract valuable insights. To achieve this, eBOS leverages its commercial suite, WiseBOS, and infrastructure, in a collaboration aimed at validating, evaluating, and demonstrating NERO’s frameworks within a fintech organisation. This ensures robust protection against cyber threats through the deployment of the CYBIT framework tools.