Brief Introduction

iLINK New Technologies is a Software Company with a strong background in Software Telematics Solutions and IoT. It was established in 2005 and its portfolio enumerates more than 500 enterprises of both private and public sector. iLINK R&D department has produced robust and mature solutions in the field of Fleet Telematics, Smart Logistics, and Enterprise Mobile Applications. The R&D department of iLINK deals with research in the field of Genetic Algorithms related to Smart Logistics, IoT & Big Data Analytics related to its Fleet Management Solutions, and Blockchain related to the long-term target of building strong and transparent consortiums for several industrial sectors. Finally, iLINK gives a strong focus on quality and security and therefore is certified according to ISO 9001 for Quality of Services and ISO 27001 for Information Security. 


Research Expertise and Strengths

The R&D department has applied a huge effort to implementing analytic route optimisation algorithms following global standards and principles in the field of VRP (Vehicle Routing Problem) and mTSP (multiple Traveling Salesmen Problem) algorithms. Since 2020, iLINK actively participated in EU-funded Projects as a use case owner, tester, and application area leader. Apart from the core expertise, iLINK researches topics such as Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Far-Edge processing, and advanced IoT sensors.


Role in NERO

iLINK participates inUC2 which focuses on strengthening supply chain resilience through cybersecurity awareness in the transportation and logistics industry. The main objectives related to the sector include the protection of sensitive information, improvement of operational efficiency in the transportation and logistics sector, and further help to build trust with customers. iLINK will participate in this UC, incorporating the NERO solution in its development/testing environment to test its efficacy and then testing it in the production environment, validating ARCANE and CYBIT frameworks. Additionally, the main contribution of iLINK encompasses the coordination of activities related to the clustering of other Projects under the prism of WP7 dedicated to dissemination and communication.