Brief Introduction

Infotrend Innovations Co Ltd is a leading IT consulting and solutions Provider organisation with 22+ years of experience which specializes in the provision of IT products, services and solutions. The company has extensive experience in Data Security solutions and GDPR Compliance and addresses the increasing need for data protection. It has experience in integrating AI into current business solutions and has extensive experience in Data Analytics.

The company offers a variety of hardware, software products and services in collaboration with market leaders and delivers expertise and innovation in the market.


Research Expertise and Strengths

Infotrend Innovations offers a wide range of services and solutions including:

  • Creation of ontologies
  • Creation of Web Services, data exchange and interoperability and decision support systems
  • Quality assurance
  • Data Analytics
  • GDPR compliance and integration with AI
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Business model and market analysis
  • Privacy, security and sharing of data in accordance with the general concepts of the Project
  • Raising awareness on the impact of the project’s results

Role in NERO

Infotrend Innovations will contribute to the assessment of current knowledge levels, identify areas of improvement, and develop effective strategies to promote digital safety and Cybersecurity awareness and  End-user adoption for the healthcare sector. Cybersecurity architecture will be implemented in a Diagnostic Medical centre. The company’s involvement in the project will be to provide possible assistance in regulatory aspects/requirements regarding MDR (MDCG, IEC 62304 or IEC 82304) and ISO certification bodies related to security. Infotrend will also very actively promote and disseminate NERO apart from Cyprus to areas where the company operates, like the Middle East and Africa. Lastly, Infotrend will participate and contribute to several tasks like end-user requirements and analysis, functional and non-functional requirements, tool assessment, vulnerability discovery and disclosure, auditing and resilience mechanisms and application testing.