Brief Introduction

Massi ve Dynamic Sweden AB (MDS) is a company specialising in the design and development of research-oriented services and products. MDS has strong experience in the field of immersive technologies and education and has had extensive experience with EU-funded and national projects. MDS focuses on developing educational and e-learning software, with a special emphasis on scenario-based learning and storyboarding. MDS has experience with the development and research of cross-platform and mobile platforms, with a focus on engagement, raising awareness, and technology-enhanced learning. MDS has already been participating in previous initiatives to raise the cybersecurity awareness of end users as a response to the pandemic and the shifting of various organisations to online practices and teleworking. MDS also has expertise in exploitation and commercialisation processes, including impact creation based on the development of relations with potential investors.


Research Expertise and Strengths

Our team at MDS brings a significant level of expertise in digital training and gamification, highlighted by our leading role in Work Package 5—the educational activities for cyber awareness within the NERO project. Our successful involvement in the past Erasmus+ INCIDENCE project (Agreement Number: 2020-1-SE01-KA226-HE-092518) stands as a testament to our dedication to advancing digital education. Through this project, we developed a cyber hygiene framework specifically designed for higher education institutions (HEIs), merging contemporary eLearning strategies with cutting-edge cybersecurity and privacy protections. Our multidisciplinary team's extensive experience across various EU-funded and national projects further reinforces our capacity to create compelling, technology-driven learning experiences. Our expertise in scenario-based learning and in developing mobile and cross-platform solutions, combined with our insights into the research commercialisation process, uniquely qualifies us to spearhead the cyber awareness training activities in NERO. Our approach to gamification, tailored to enhance learner engagement and motivation, underscores our commitment to transforming the cybersecurity education landscape.


Role in NERO

In the NERO project, MDS will lead the cybersecurity training activities using the already existing tool and extend the developed scenarios to include threats. NERO's training will focus on the emerging cybersecurity threats identified by ENISA, such as supply chain compromises of software dependencies, human error and exploited legacy systems within cyber-physical ecosystems, targeted attacks augmented by intelligent device data, skills shortages, and the rise of digital surveillance authoritarianism and loss of privacy. NERO training will follow a gamification approach to increase employee engagement through healthy competition. Game elements are gaining interest in the field of education, and known 

Gamification frameworks exist, introducing scoring, badges, rewards, leaderboards, and other kinds of game mechanisms that have the potential to increase the learner's motivation and engagement to meet individual and organisational goals.