MetaΜind Innovations

Brief Introduction

MetaMind Innovations is the premier deep-tech spin-off of the University of Western Macedonia. Co-founded in May 2021 by Prof. Panagiotis Sarigiannidis, alongside a dynamic team of PhD students and academic colleagues. At its core, MINDS is committed to delivering smart, custom solutions for critical infrastructure and Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystems.


Research Expertise and Strengths

MetaMind Innovations excels in crafting AI architectures, conducting advanced data analysis, federated learning, AI optimisation, and creating data-oriented AI solutions., while specializing in intrusion detection, vulnerability research, risk assessment, honeypots, and security games, helping to fortify critical infrastructures against cyber threats. Furthermore, MINDS is at the forefront of beyond-5G communications, with a wealth of experience in 5G core, NG-RAN, 5G Testbed, NFV, SDN, PFCP, AI optimisation, and HTTP2. Finally, MINDS is proficient in developing smart grids, smart meters, PLCs, RTUs, and implementing IoT protocols, focusing on IoT security, privacy, and energy optimisation.


Role in NERO

MINDS leads Work Package 2 (WP2), aiming to thoroughly describe the current cybersecurity landscape and threat analysis regarding Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), identify the end-user requirements through tailored questionnaires and interviews, and clearly define the system requirements of the NERO Ecosystem. Additionally, MINDS brings two business-ready tools, called MINDS Honeypot as a Service (M-HaaS), and MINDS Rader (M-RADAR).