Brief Introduction

OneSource (ONE) is a company founded at the end of 2001 as of form of partial automation of the outsourcing business unit of the Laboratory of Informatics and Systems at Institute Pedro Nunes (LIS/IPN), keeping the most experienced workforce in the area of communications and systems and network administration. ONE is an IT company specialized in the fields of data communications, security, networking and systems management, including the consultancy, auditing, design, development and lifetime administration of specialized IT solutions for corporate networks, public-sector institutions, utilities and telecommunications operators.

Research Expertise and Strengths

OneSource (ONE) research and technological development services expertise comes in the areas of Information and Telecommunications technologies in 5G and 6G environments, Artificial Intelligence applied to Network Intrusion Detection Systems and Privacy Enhancing Techniques in distributed systems, as well as applications on pattern recognition for crowd analysis and object detection (weapons, number plates and other objects) for PPDR scenarios.

Role in NERO

OneSource (ONE) is a provider of one of the project cybersecurity tools, as well as defines the planning for the training rounds as it can provide training to end-users, support different use cases with its expertise in system design and integration and leverage an exploitation and commercialization strategy or the project’s outcome.