Brief Introduction

SENETICS HEALTHCARE GROUP GMBH & CO. KG (SHG) healthcare group GmbH & Co. KG is a developing and consulting company in the area of R&D, medical technology, pharmacy and biotechnology. The business activities of SHG contain great expertise in biological purposes such as testing, medicine and regulatory affairs, contract development, training and consulting regarding the product placement of new products, development of integral marketing strategies, support of business expansion, and finally contract work in the research field.


Research Expertise and Strengths

senetics' team is composed of ambitious and motivated medical technologists, electrical engineers, software/firmware developers, designers, biologists, physicists, laboratory technicians, experts in regulatory affairs (medical) and quality management. The employees thus combine the holistic, interdisciplinary expertise required to develop innovative medical solutions and bring them to market - always with a focus on precision, passion and quality.


Role in NERO

End-user adoption for the healthcare sector. Cybersecurity architecture will be implemented in a medical device for the detection of biomarkers in the urine of hospital patients. Possible assistance in regulatory aspects/requirements regarding MDR (MDCG, IEC 62304 or IEC 82304).