Brief Introduction

Trust-IT is an ICT-intensive SME with an acute understanding of the cybersecurity challenges that SMEs must face every day, and with over 15 years experience of managing complex EC-funded projects in ICT. Through, the European watch on cybersecurity & privacy that it successfully coordinated (2017-2021) and that is now leading in the execution of its sustainability strategy and other EU-funded projects such as, the cybersecurity capacity building platform and PANACEA, cybersecurity in healthcare and partnership with other partners. Trust-IT has led community-building and dissemination activities in all the above-mentioned projects and boasts an active community of over 1,000 cybersecurity followers through event participation, website registration and social media. Trust-IT successfully piloted (2017-2019) DG RTD’s Common Dissemination Booster (CDB) where Trust-IT delivered Digital Communication services to over 300 EC-funded, national, and regional projects across Europe. The CDB was extended by DG RTD to a 12 million Euro project called “Horizon Results Booster” (HRB) (2021 – 2024) in which Trust-IT is currently delivering strategic communication and dissemination services maximising the impact and dissemination effectiveness of R&D projects.

Research Expertise and Strengths

Currently, Trust-IT focuses its expertise on democratising access to complex technological knowledge and instruments, by developing effective communication strategies, and engagement plans that provide a simple entry point in particular for SMEs and small teams in research and public administration in strategic ICT areas such as cybersecurity, ICT energy efficiency, cloud computing and research infrastructures.

Role in NERO

Trust-IT participates with its experience in communication, community building, events and clustering, contributing to the organisation of the project's final event in collaboration with the synergies that Trust-IT will help establish over the project's duration. Trust-IT will ensure constant communication with the stakeholders through the website and various social media channels, to make sure that NERO’s messages are well represented and conveyed to the community, and to maximise the project's impacts and raise awareness on the importance of Cybersecurity across EU SMEs.