Cluster Workshop_23-28 May 2024
Hybrid, Athens (GR)


Digital Workshop on “Fleet Management & Route Optimisation”

23 May 2024 09:00 – 28 May 2024 18:00

iLink Technologies, partnering with NERO Cybersecurity and EEL Hellenic Logistics Company, is co-organising the “Fleet Management and Route Optimisation” digital workshop on May 23-24 and May 28, 2024, in a hybrid format and in Athens, Greece.

This event is part of the NERO clustering activity, aimed at engaging relevant stakeholders, including critical infrastructure, national authorities, and SMEs under the NIS2 directive, as well as other EU cybersecurity stakeholders involved in Horizon Europe-funded projects. 

In line with the NERO goal, the workshop will focus on:

  • Providing valuable feedback;
  • Creating technical liaisons and collaborations;
  • Promoting the broader adoption of the NERO approach; and
  • Enhancing the evaluation process of the proposed framework.

Join us to explore collaboration opportunities with like-minded organisations and SMEs in the logistics and transportation domain. 🚛

To register, visit the event page.