Maritime Co-creation workshop
Piraeus, Greece


Maritime Co-creation Workshop

9 April 2024 05:00–20:00

The NERO team invites you to join the Maritime Co-creation Workshop on April 9th, 2024, hosted at the University of Piraeus. This event will feature presentations from five EU-funded projects: NERO Cybersecurity, CUSTODES EU Project, THEMIS 5.0, CyberSecPro Project, and FAITH.

Organised by Trustilio B.V. and the University of Piraeus, key members of the NERO consortium, the workshop titled “Co-creation workshop for investigating the concept of AI-trustworthiness in the maritime sector” marks a significant milestone. Hosted expertly by Professor Nineta Polemi and featuring Dr. Kitty Kioskli, NERO’s project coordinator, and Dr. Theo Fotis, senior researcher at Trustilio, the event promises insightful discussions, knowledge sharing, and collaborative innovation.

The outcomes will be pivotal in shaping future EU projects, driving advancements in AI trustworthiness across maritime sectors.

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