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The NERO project, "Advanced Cybersecurity Awareness Ecosystem for SMEs," has commenced under the EU's Digital Europe Programme (DIGITAL-JU) Grant Agreement no. 10112741, marking a significant step towards bolstering cybersecurity measures for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The project was inaugurated with a prominent kick-off meeting (KoM) held in Piraeus, Greece, on December 13, 2023.

NERO, a consortium of 16 partners, aims to elevate cybersecurity standards, address evolving threats, and strengthen digital resilience across diverse sectors, including healthcare, finance, transportation, and logistics. Validation will be rigorously conducted through three distinct use cases to ensure comprehensive effectiveness.

eBOS's Role in NERO

As the technical manager of NERO, eBOS Technologies plays a pivotal role in driving the initiative forward. Dr. Charalambos Klitis, Mr. Christos Skoufis, and Dr. Elisavet Grigoriou represented eBOS at the KoM, where they actively contributed to discussions led by Dr. Kitty Kioskli and Dr. Eleni Seralidou from trustilio B.V. . These sessions focused on outlining the project's vision, objectives, implementation strategies, and anticipated challenges.

In addition to technical oversight, eBOS Technologies is instrumental in designing and integrating NERO's ecosystem, conceptual architecture, and demonstration phases. Leveraging its proprietary applications suite, WiseBOS, eBOS collaborates closely with fintech organizations to validate and refine NERO's frameworks. This collaboration aims to ensure robust protection against cyber threats through the deployment of CYBIT framework tools.

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