NERO Project Shines at IEEE EDUCON 2024

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The prestigious IEEE EDUCON 2024 Scientific and Innovation Conference in Kos, Greece, recently witnessed a powerful showing from the NERO project and its EU partners.  trustilio BV, coordinator and key EU partner in the NERO consortium, took centre stage, showcasing groundbreaking advancements in cybersecurity education and sparking discussions on the future of learning with artificial intelligence (AI).

Innovation on Display: From Papers to Special Sessions

The NERO team showcased their cutting-edge research and findings through a series of highly regarded conference papers. These papers extensively explored innovative approaches in cybersecurity education, offering invaluable insights for educators and industry professionals aiming to maintain a competitive edge.

Beyond individual presentations, NERO made a significant impact by spearheading a dedicated session titled "Cybersecurity Professional Education and Training: Advancements and Future Directions." This initiative fostered collaboration and knowledge exchange by convening experts from prominent EU projects such as NERO, CyberSecPro, DYNAMO, and EU-CIP. The session sparked a rich discussion on the evolving landscape of cybersecurity training, ensuring a well-rounded exploration of the critical skills needed in today's digital world. 

Nero at educon2024

Workshops Empower the Next Generation

NERO, in collaboration with trusted partners like Laurea (Finland), UPRC (Greece), Focal Point (Belgium), and TalTech (Estonia), didn't just talk the talk; they walked the walk. A series of engaging cybersecurity training workshops were offered alongside NERO and the CyberSecPro EU projects. These workshops provided attendees with practical skills and hands-on experience, empowering them to become the future cybersecurity heroes we desperately need.


AI in the Future of Education

A roundtable discussion at the IEEE EDUCON conference explored the transformative potential of generative AI in engineering education, complementing NERO's cybersecurity focus. Professor Nineta Polemi, esteemed Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of trustlio BV, contributed her expertise to the discussion titled "Is Generative AI the Panacea in Engineering Education?"

The roundtable discussion explored the dynamic and evolving landscape of generative AI, a rapidly advancing technology poised to transform various sectors. From its role in crafting personalised learning materials to serving as a virtual mentor, generative AI holds promise for revolutionising engineering education. However, amidst its potential, questions arise: is it a transformative solution or merely a tool? The session critically examined the benefits and constraints of AI in education, stimulating an insightful dialogue on the future trajectory of engineering education in an increasingly digital era.

EDUCON2024 Nineta

The NERO project's participation at IEEE EDUCON 2024 was a resounding success, showcasing their groundbreaking contributions to cybersecurity education and actively shaping discussions on future advancements.